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Forged Hollow Tubes

  • Model:FR-hollow
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Product Introduction

Carbon Steel Aluminium   
Alloy Steel Titanium       
Stainless Steel Nickel Alloy
Tool Steel

O.D. max 1,200mm
I.D. min 350mm
Length max 2,000mm
Weight max 13,000kg

Forged Hollow Tube Advantages

Various Shapes

We can forge hollows with different sizes of O.D.s & I.D.s, including tapers. We also provide closed-end cylinders in various wall thicknesses and cylinder end configurations.


Optimizing Strength

Forged hollows are single components rather than several components welded together. They can replace castings that often don't meet internal strength and integrity desired.


Time & Cost Savings

The inside diameter of our hollows is forged into the parts, not bored from the bars. We eliminates the need for additional machining, customers save time, money and reduce material waste.