Applications & News

Applications & News

2019/07/01 Jun. 27-30, 2019 Attend MCMEX

In the extensive application of medical materials, you must have heard of titanium with excellent biocompatibility!

Titanium is well known for its corrosion-resistant, stability and high strength. These excellent characteristics make it irreplaceable: the body implants such as artificial joints, bone plates, bone nails, and roots made by high-precision titanium metal rods and wires; the heart-saving stents made of shape memory alloys.

At the MCMEX, Applied Titanium has met many new friends who focus on health, medical and care. People have ardently discussed the more applications of titanium in these three major fields and gave us a lot of good advice on creating titanium appliances. Thank you for your highly support and we will try our best to let titanium become more close to our daily life.

Thank you for your support and encouragement for Applied Titanium. We are grateful for every conversation that spurs creative sparks, prompting Applied Titanium to launch more high-quality titanium products in the future!