Applications & News

Applications & News

2019/04/29 Apr. 25-28, 2019 Attend MOTORCYCLE TAIWAN

Applied Titanium attended the MOTORCYCLE TAIWAN in TAIPEI AMPA!

In the field of automobile and motorcycle spare parts, the examples of titanium metal applications that comes firstly to your mind may be the following: 

Wear-resistant and non-rusting titanium screw nuts, integrally formed titanium seamless tubes with good corrosion resistance are the best material choice for high safety performance! The pure titanium welding wire with excellent raw material quality can fully demonstrate the high level welding skill by the exquisite manual weld bead on the exhaust pipe!

Hoping our partner on-site all took care of your questions about differences between titanium daily necessaries and others.

Thank you for your inquiry and recognition! Also special thanks for our company colleagues who participated in the exhibition and give us a lot of support!