Titanium Benefits

Titanium Benefits

Titanium metal has multiple excellent properties, such as light weight, high strength and excellent corrosion resistance, so that it can be used for a long time in harsh environments. In other words, titanium is an indispensable raw material in high technology. It can even show more excellent performance in the way of titanium alloy. Therefore, companies all over the world now use titanium for extremely challenging applications.

1. Light Weight
The specific gravity of titanium is 4.51. The weight of titanium is about 60% of iron, stainless steel, and 1/2 of copper.

2. High strength
The specific strength of titanium is twice of low-carbon steel, iron and approximately three times of aluminum.

3. Outstanding corrosion resistance
Titanium has better corrosion resistance in seawater than other metals! Titanium is a reactive metal, meaning it spontaneously forms a natural oxide film in the presence of any oxygen and the film protects the metal from corrosive attack. If the film is scratched or is damaged, the metal surface repairs itself instantly.
The excellent properties of titanium have been used in many fields: Marine, petrochemical, chemistry, power generation. Many of titanium vessels and titanium structures have been used for decades by their excellent corrosion resistance. Titanium is virtually impervious to seawater -induced corrosion, which makes it be one of the ideal materials used in aggressive environments, such as chemical reactor tanks, desalination plants, offshore platforms, and ocean thermal energy conversion. In aviation, aerospace, commercial and military aircraft engines, plane skins, aerospace fasteners, landing gear, rockets, spacecraft structures are used in a large amount of lightweight but high-strength titanium ( titanium shows the highest specific strength of metals).

4. Good biocompatibility & Non-toxicity
If you also have the experience of wearing metal jewelry, some of them easily react with sweat and cause skin allergies. Titanium is non-allergenic and non-toxic to the human body. In addition, titanium can be grown with joints in implants for bone healing in advanced surgical operations. After bone healing, the titanium implant doesn’t need to be removed with a second operation and doesn’t cause allergies reaction of the human body. Therefore, it is known as the best biocompatibility metal.

5. Other characteristics
The chemical and physical properties of titanium also include: Non-magnetism, Good workability, Beautiful & Good aesthetics, low thermal expansion rate, and low thermal conductivity.